Senior Skrivers

April Knutson first became fascinated by the internet while she worked as a social media manager and web design consultant for artists and authors. When she joined a local newsroom, she discovered how the growing world of digital media could enhance or hinder journalism. Now as product manager of The Skrive, she oversees the platform and its partnerships. As a journalist, she writes and edits community-first stories while recruiting personalities for the lifestyle-focused blogging platform. April lives in Fargo, always accepts brunch invitations and will provide podcast or music suggestions on request. Email her at Find her on Instagram @aprilknutson.

Top Category: Life

Oscar De Leon is a filmmaker based out of Fargo, ND. When he was a kid he realized the power of storytelling when watching films, reading books, and listening to countless albums. He grew up amongst colorful personalities that helped shaped his outlook on life and contributed to his sense of humor and need to uplift communities.

Top Category: People

Alexandra Floersch is a writer, photographer, social enthusiast and a 20-something herself. She believes we all have a story – we just need a platform to tell it. She’s extroverted to a fault and enjoys the company of people who exude passion and positivity. She’s curious, driven and effervescent… and she uses those qualities to write words on paper – or rather, the internet. Alex lives in Fargo where she’s fueled by laughter, learning, iced coffee and connecting with strangers. If you’re one of them, she dares you to reach out on Facebook or Instagram. Wake up + flourish.

Top Category: People