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Skrive Communities Explained


It may seem strange, but to those who worked on The Skrive opting to build Communities instead of Categories seemed obvious.

Building Communities creates a space for discussion, exploring and storytelling - instead of creating categories to divide us we wanted to create spaces to encourage accountability and connection. (Raise your hand if you suffer from procrastination.)

The Skrive cultivates different communities centered around shared passions in the Fargo-Moorhead area. On The Skrive, a new “community” is created when a fellowship is formed between the reader and writer/creator as the result of sharing stories, attitudes, interests, and goals. This fellowship is discerned through increased engagement with profiles, story posts, topics and event submissions.

The Skrive's ultimate vision is to celebrate, cultivate and connect communities throughout different regions.

Currently, you’ll find the following communities.


You'll find people who see the intricacies in everyday life. They are the builders, crafters, carpenters, calligraphers, illustrators, fashionistas and filmmakers, painters, podcasters, musicians, music buffs and writers.

How to Skrive in this community?

  • Share works in progress, and personal battles with creativity and propose new prayers to the muses.
  • Celebrate wins and praise other locals who inspire.
  • Share how the community supports or could support artists.
  • Discuss what it means to create a thriving “art business.”


You'll find people sharing their stories from their unique point of view, mixed with trendsetters and taste-makers. These people attend community events regularly and investigate both local and global phenomena. They don’t take another person’s word for it...they would rather experience it IRL. (You’ll know these people by their #ICYMI tweets because they were there.)

How to Skrive in this community?

  • Share advice, life hacks and recipes.
  • Reviews on businesses, restaurants, events, films and compare “Fargo’s Best of the Best.”
  • Create listicles of insider information that every local should know. Investigate fringe movements and communities.


You'll find the community's movers and do-gooders. These people are nonprofit leaders, journalists, social entrepreneurs, healthy-living advocates, life advice pros and fitness fanatics and outdoor. See stories from adventurers, personal development coaches, spiritual leaders, frequent travelers filled with wanderlust and friends who are wiser-than-their years portray.

How to Skrive in this community?

  • Share their struggles of building a business, organization or movement.
  • Create productivity hacks, proven fitness routines, and strategies of side hustles.
  • Offer “How-tos” and gear recommendations.
  • Share snaps of their latest outing, event and “wilderness” story.
  • Describe their struggles, life-hacks and the occasional recipe for how-to create a personal escape and break from adult life.


You'll find inquisitive minds mixed with free-thinkers, debate enthusiasts and political pundits.

How to Skrive in this community?

  • Dive into head-first into the hard questions, discuss philosophy, offer advice and solutions.

FAQs: Because It's a Work in Progress

  • Do you have to create under only one community?
    • No. You write under one, two or all four
  • Will these be the only Communities cultivated?
    • No. As the site grows we will add niche communities focusing on certain subjects. The site will also create "temporary" Communities to discuss issues, celebrate events and cultivate issues
  • How can I follow a specific topic, Community or creator?
    • Login with email, Facebook and Google account and create a My Skrive page. On the My Skrive page follow specific people, tags and Communities.
  • How can I suggest a new Community?
    • Email

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