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Short Girl Problems: Exhibit A


Thanks to Derek Fisher, Cody Rogness and Sean Kelly, I look better than I deserve when we shoot "The Scoop." But you don't know what they have to go through to make it happen. #ThanksAreNeeded

For years, (especially after hitting 50), I've asked them to give me the Barbara Walters filter when they shoot video of me. You know the one...all soft, warm and fuzzy. So far, the guys have declined that idea and I'm left to rely on the bevy of anti-aging beauty products in my bathroom.

However, one way the fellas help me is by giving me a boost, literally. If you didn't know this already, I'm short. About 5'2 1/2. (And yes that 1/2 is important.)

A lot of the time it doesn't really matter. But when we shot our latest episode of The Scoop at Pounds in downtown Fargo, my lack of verticality was an issue. Pounds owner Alan Kasin was teaching me how to make an over-the-top Bloody Mary and apparently, Derek was having trouble seeing my Cindy Lou Who sized body over the bar. What to do, what to do. (We were behind the bar so I suggested we have cocktails and discuss our options, but that didn't fly.) Instead, Alan was able to concoct a makeshift step stool just for me out of plastic dish racks. It was surprisingly sturdy. Thanks Alan.

Do you think Alan will let me borrow the dish racks for everyday use? #WannaBeTaller
Do you think Alan will let me borrow the dish racks for everyday use? #WannaBeTaller

With my now added height (I think I was about 5' 11" now) I could get a feel for how the other half lives (tall girls) and better yet, I was able to make a mean Bloody Mary.

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