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Updating your photos for holiday cards this year? Here are some tips


Each year it seems like the holiday season creeps up on us earlier than the year before. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas will follow soon after.

That means the frantic hustle to send out your seasonal cards will start soon as well. It as become increasingly more popular to send out photo cards sharing your families progress over the year. For most of us. that means updating your sometimes dreaded family photo.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right photographer for the job:

Do your homework

Take some time to look at different photographers in your town and surrounding areas. Pay close attention to each photographers aesthetic. Notice how their images are edited and recognize what you like and dislike.

Ask questions

Don't be afraid to reach out to one or more photographers with any questions you might have. Ask to see additional work from the photographer. We don't mind gathering up other examples of images we haven't posted on social media. This will help you get a full understanding of the photographer's style. Don't be afraid to ask what is all included in the photo session. Are there sitting fees? What, if any, is the limit on outfit changes? Can we bring our dog? These are all important factors to consider when choosing a photographer.

Choose quality

You might be familiar with the saying "You get what yo pay for." This is also true with photographers. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it just might be. You might have to pay a bit more than what you were expecting to but you will be happy with the end results. Too often I have heard horror stories of discount photographers botching a family's photos. Taking family pictures is an important task and you should choose a photographer that will give you a beautiful, finished image.

Sometimes, its not about the perfect pose.
Sometimes, its not about the perfect pose.

Decide what you are looking for in your images

Browse the internet for inspiration. As a photographer, I like when clients show me samples of what they are looking for. This can help set the tone for the whole session and the editing process for the photographer. Don't be afraid to ask a photographer if they are OK with letting you make suggestions and requests for certain images.

Photo shoot day

On the day of your photo shoot, it is important to remember to have fun, relax and be yourself. The more comfortable you are with the process the better your photo will look. If you are tense or worried that might show up on your face or in your body language. As photographers, we aim to provide you with something you will cherish for awhile. We want you to look back on this day with a positive memory. If you look at the final images and see the stress or tension on your face, you likely will be disappointed with your photos.

This brother and sister were comfortable being themselves during our session.
This brother and sister were comfortable being themselves during our session.

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