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TL;DR: What to Do Now That It's Election Day


It’s the day of the election. It’s the final countdown.

Forget relying on pundits or fact-checking politicians. Don’t open several tabs to Google. Instead, try these sources to compare and contrast measures and candidates whether you have five or 15 minutes

5 Items to Scroll

If you’re running to the polls, take five minutes before walking to read through these sources.

  1. Click-through a comprehensive guides
  2. Scan sample ballots for Clay or Cass County
  3. Weigh the Measures in Cass County
  4. Consider checking voting records
  5. Check where to vote in Cass and Clay counties. Polls are open until 9 p.m. tonight

Have a Spare 15 minutes? Listen & Learn

Consider listening to these two podcasts and learn more about U.S. Senate race in North Dakota and Measures in North Dakota.

  • “The Daily” by The New York Times
    • In today’s episode - “A Field Guide to Today’s Elections” - podcast host Michael Barbaro and politics reporter Alexander Burns highlight three issues that are affecting outcomes in purple states including North Dakota Senate race between Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Congressman Kevin Cramer.
  • “Radiolab” by WNYC
    • Their recent “Twerk The Vote” episode discussed different voting systems from the around the world and in the U.S. including a feature segment of a past Rank Choice (Approval Voting) mayoral race in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Already Voted & Anxiously Awaiting Results?

Listen to easy tunes.

Sit back and sink into Bad Bad Hats’ “Nothing Gets Me High,” nostalgia - a time when you were 17, in love and weren’t allowed to vote.

Meditate and listen to your body.

Try out this body scanning exercise guided meditation from Headspace.

Work it out.

If you have repressed emotions and anxious nerves, get in a quick workout to drain excess energy. (I’m a fan of a CrossFit Icehouse's Flux - a high intensity yoga class.) Some other options include YMCA of Cass Clay Zumba class or Naturally Randi Kay’s Yoga for Healing starting tonight at 5:45.

Turn off notifications and give yourself a break.

We can’t assume anything until all the votes are counted. Give yourself a break from the screen.

Need an update? Check the live polling from the New York Times or bookmark Inforum. They'll share the most up-to-date results on local races.

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