Your First Major News Story


My entire life I've loved consuming news. It got me to thinking today about what was the first news story I can remember? After sifting back through countless useless facts filed away in my brain (past Super Bowl winners, foods that start with the letter "Q", Number One Hits from 2000-2010) I finally got there.

The Iran hostage crisis of the late '70's - early '80's.

I'd like to sit here and type to you that it was because I was a very advanced 7-year-old with interests far beyond my years. The truth is I remember this story because it seemed like there were cut-ins over Bugs Bunny and Laff-A-Lympics every Saturday morning for 2 years straight years because of this crisis. Maybe that's what's fueled my interest in news. It certainly was upsetting that I had to wait another week to see if that dopey coyote would FINALLY find the right ACME contraption to catch the road runner.

What's the first major news story you remember?

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