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Cranberries, Cool Whip and Tequila - Oh My!


There are certain shortcuts you can take at Thanksgiving time. For my family, it was cranberry sauce.


That's the sound I remember the jellied sauce made when it plopped out of the can. It was never my cup of tea. In fact, I found it quite off-putting. It was only when my sister, Cheryl, "Martha Stewart of South Fargo" made a homemade cranberry orange relish that I realized cranberry sauce could be really tasty.

It's with that thought that my fellow features department writers and I decided to gather and share our favorite cranberry recipes for Thanksgiving that do not include opening a can of the jellied sauce. (Although the canned cranberries can be used in two of our recipes).

First, before you start cooking, a cocktail is in order. John Lamb showed us how to make a great Thanksgiving 'Rita. I was startled when he brought a ginormous bottle of tequila. For Heaven's Sake John, it's 10 a.m. You can see he only had a few drops left in the bottle as he made cocktails for us. Perhaps, that's why I look so forlorn. #ThankYouSirMayIHaveAnother

The drink was tart and perfect to sip as you watch football (or the oven to see if that little thingy has popped from the turkey breast).

Next it was my turn. I chose a variation of my sister's cranberry orange relish. But I added apples and lime, because you know, I'm wild like that. #SimmaDownNow. The relish is the perfect side dish for the turkey and can even be added to a sandwich for leftovers.

And who better to top off our cranberry meal than Miss Emma Vatnsdal, who might be 22 year olds but is a self-proclaimed church basement lady. She grew up loving her great-aunt's cranberry fluff, even though she said most of her family didn't like it. #ThatsHarshForMN. I found it delightful and delicious. The rest of Emma's family must be crazy.

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