I wrote this poem in 2005 while sitting on our porch in the Dominican Republic. The scene was unfolding before me, one that had happened many times before. Yet on that night, it struck my heart, and I wrote.

Sitting on the porch last night, I was watching two girls race on bikes and one boy popping wheelies on his "training wheels" bike. It inspired me to write a poem, I'll leave the interpretation to you. Feel free to share comments about it!


the dog's head peaks up for a momentary glimpse
then disappearing back into the tall grass
children race back and forth across the parking lot
on their bicycles

a young boy practicing "popping wheelies"
a fascination that will undoubtably continue past training wheels
to his future pasola or motorcycle

it is dusk and again there is no power
the horizon is marked by the silhouette of palm trees
pine trees and mountains - a pink sky dotted with
lazy grey clouds compose the backdrop
there are white horses in a neighboring field
they whinny, perhaps in conversation with
each other

llego la luz!

our fair town has power again
and so the people celebrate with a laugh and shout
several return inside from their porchesto their business -
others continue their conversation
talking excitedly over the click-clack
of dominoes
the precious few with inverters continue as though nothing happened

the faint rhythm of merengue
pulses in the distance

dusk grows deeper
the boy falls again - running home, though he will not cry
in town there are many boys dressed as men
who also refuse to cry but do not return

--11 July 05, Jarabacoa

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