The greatest iPhone 'hack' of all-time


So, somebody named Alicia Michelle Welch is America's newest hero.

Or maybe it was another person named Krissy Brierre-Davis. Or maybe it was many people.

Either way, whoever it was shared a life hack that is huge.

Not because they did anything particularly important, but because they shared an iPhone function that will make life easier for those of us who like to text and tweet way too much.

Welch apparently "discovered" a three-year-old iPhone keyboard feature that was mostly unknown to millions of users and she posted it on social media -- and it went viral.

On Nov. 18, Brierre-Davis shared the same photo on Twitter.

Bottom line is, the "trick" works. Try it yourself. It's a game-changer, a life-altering move that will make correcting texts and tweets so much easier.

But wait. There's more.

Not only does holding down the space bar to drag the cursor work, but you can press down a little harder and highlight a word or sentence. (Admission: I couldn't get this function to work like the video shows.)

While this is "new" to millions of tech-unsavvy iPhone users, it is not actually a new function. According to The Independent newspaper, the ability to apply pressure to the space bar and drag the cursor has been around since the iPhone 6S was released in 2015.

The Independent wrote: "Matthew Panzarino, editor of TechCrunch wrote: 'This tweet is a testament to the failure of 3D touch to be anything resembling effective and discoverable. The fact is that cursor insertion and text editing has never really been solved on iPhone, period. The feature described (you can press anywhere on the keyboard) has been around since 2015. It's the only thing that makes text editing on iOS even remotely bearable, and the vast majority of iPhone users have no idea it exists."

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