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Cowboy Boot Sandals? What Do Real N.D. Cowboys Think?


Great ideas get their start in many different ways, but for Scotty Franklin it happened on the beach. Franklin, a former law enforcement officer from Missouri, was lounging in the sand of Gulf Springs, Alabama when he noticed a man walking in cowboy boots. He told the KC Star, the man must have been "miserable" in the heat and humidity. After looking at his own flip flops, he figured why not try to combine the two - Cowboy boots and sandals - what he called "the ultimate combination."

Flash forward a few years, and Franklin's idea has gone viral. For $150, you can send him your favorite pair of boots and he'll turn them into "Redneck Boot Sandals."

Well, I'm afraid my budget here at "The Scoop" isn't that high and a request to the company for a loaner pair of boots for me to try and review went unanswered. So, I did the next best thing: I made my own.

I went to a thrift store and found a pair of cowboy boots that I could mangle into sandals. I also purchased a pair of scissors designed to cut leather. Even so, I struggled.

But I did manage to come up with a decent enough pair. They are NOT as nice as what Franklin puts together, but they're cheaper. So there is that.

I got my toes done (Rockstar Pink) and put my homemade cowboy boot sandals on. I felt perfectly ridiculous....and cold. I don't like wearing sandals even in summer and this was October. But it wasn't enough to just walk around work in these things. My co-workers have learned to just ignore the weirdness.

I decided I wanted the opinion of real cowboys and cowgirls. So North Dakota State University was nice enough to let me (and my silly shoes) come to the NDSU rodeo, where I interviewed some of the participants to see whether they'd consider wearing cowboy boot sandals. I will say "North Dakota nice" does exist, but not everyone was on board.

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