I’m a Frugal Fargoan documenting his on going experience finding a fun, frugal way of life. Freebies, BOGOs & “oh-no”s. A deep analysis of why you should choose X over Y before making a purchase within Fargo (sometimes Moorhead) ND area.


The most breakfast for your buck via the vending machine.


You're running late for work and you're missing breakfast. You wished you had the eggs and bacon you dreamed about but time ran out. Bummed, you're settling for a vending machine breakfast. Now you're pacing back and forth deciding which bland breakfast would be best. You're stuck, "I don't know what to get". Consider the volume to dollar ratio. The biggest bang for the buck adage if you will. How much food can I get for 2 bucks.

The Pop Tart is the cheapest item in the vending machine and contains the most food in the package. This is only considering the volume to dollar ratio. Calories, sugars, and other nose flaring nutrient facts are not considered here. In my case, I'll pay $1.19 for 3.67 ounces of Pop Tart or I can pay over a dollar for every ounce of a protein bar. A ratio of 2.8oz./$2.50. The choice is yours. Theoretically, If Pop Tarts charged the same per ounce like a protein bar does, a Pop Tart would cost approximately $3.75. Yes there's a lot of variables to consider but Im looking at the ratio. The common factor here is a bland breakfast. In addition to the Pop Tart decision: There's occasionally a choice in flavors and two ways or preparation. At my place of work I can choose from Cherry, Blueberry, and Strawberry. I can eat it as is or toasted to my liking. The Pop Tart is a very versatile breakfast.

In my experience with vending machine breakfasts through out Fargo, I can confidently say this ratio analysis applies to all vending machines in town. I challenge you to find a better volume/dollar ratio.

Stay Frugal Fargo.

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