Smiling at Tide Boxes


Why haven't you gotten Tania ready?

This wasn't my finest moment.

I was trying to "get going" and thought she would be ready and I could take her at the same time I took Emma.

Rounding the corner to peek into the bedroom I saw Tania's head on my wife's chest. Julia was running her fingers through Tania's hair and they were both relaxing quite contentedly. In that short discussion I realized that I really didn't have anywhere to go quite at the moment, and it was ok that she wasn't ready "on-time".

I realized that I built an arbitrary, self-imposed expectation on needing to be do something...and it was causing me stress. I was manufacturing a scarcity of time and imposing on everyone around me.

Happy Holidays...No School...Go Bison!

Emma and I began our walk to school, and she started reading the digital school sign with glee. "Happy Holidays...No School...Dec 24 - January 2nd...Go Bison!" She especially liked the "Go Bison!" part and said it with gusto and joy each time, her laugh filling the air.

I held her hand and we walked to the school, repeating what she had read on the sign, with gusto of course!

Smiling at the Tide Boxes

With my newfound realization that it was okay to relax today, I decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood. The moment I began this walk, a feeling of peace and perfect love came over me. I felt this joy and peace bubbling up from inside of me as I took each step, breathing in the cool air, and enjoying the peace of the morning.

It reminded me of a talk by Richard Rohr that I was listening to earlier this week. I don't have the exact quote here, but this is a similar rendition of the story as told by Fr. Richard on another occasion:

Eckhart Tolle says, “The silence in me will love the divine silence.” I hope you’ve had such a divine moment when you just want to stop, taste, and enjoy—when an ordinary moment is totally satisfying and more than enough. One day I experienced this in a local Kmart! I “came to” and found myself happily standing in an aisle just looking at boxes of Tide. I don’t know how long I stood there. But there I was just smiling at the Tide boxes! Life was all utterly okay. I was okay and all was right with the world (and this was after a day of emotional trials). Just buying detergent had the effect that church was supposed to have! Some fellow shoppers probably thought I was on drugs.

My walk this morning was one of those divine moments. An ordinary moment that was totally satisfying and more than enough.

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