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2019 and The Skrive is officially 76 days old as the day of this posting.

The Skrive - which was described simply as an a lifestyle-driven storytelling platform - aims to provide regional writers and residents a tool to share their voice and continue to build their online presence .

In case you missed the brief synopsis on Nov. 1, here's how the site basically functions today: Stories are ranked via comments and upvotes. Readers curate personalized news feeds and notifications. Writers set reminders to create and engage while building their online presence through social media and Patreon accounts.

So, what's next for The Skrive?

In the noisy world of platform-building, it’s incredibly difficult to gain traction. Traction can be defined a multiple ways, but in simple terms a site gains Traction when it creates a sustainable number of consistent users.

According to, a site devoted to virtual business management, more than 90 percent of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 (one hundred twenty) days.


Luckily, although The Skrive is brand new and run by a-department-of-one, it does have the support of a Forum Communications. Undoubtedly, it will last past the 120-day mark.

During the next six months, new projects will increase brand awareness and hopefully reach “Product Market Fit.”As a relatively new concept, there is not a clear single definition for "Product Market Fit." Netscape founder now venture capitalist Marc Andreessen says product/market fit happens when the a product finds its target audience and satisfies their needs.

A General Partner at 16z who previously worked at Uber - Andrew Chen - says most startups fail before reaching Product Market fit. “Usually it takes years, not months, to reach it,” he says during a presentation to students at Stanford University. If you haven’t reached the “Product Market Fit” Chen advises website builders “to get it done, before you fail.” (Geez, thanks Andrew. But I’m on it.)

So following his advice, I am implementing new strategies to increase the site’s number of contributors, increase time on site, page per visit and number of returning visitors. is using a multitude of avenues including social and display ads, remarketing campaigns, offline ads, SEO, events, community engagement and consistent content marketing. (👋HELLO, this post.)

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