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Do Humans Need God to Keep them Morally Sound


Nothing sets off some religious pundits more than "humanism." Humanism is the belief system that tells us humans can come up with a just society without help from a god.
Somehow, and it baffles me how, Christian pundits come up with the notion that we must have divine moral guidance or there will be no morals. There are so many holes in this thinking a truck could pass through.
To begin with, how do we know humans have always been running things and there has never been a god giving us morals or anything else? If gods are products of human minds than morals have come from those same minds. So far as we know, gods come from human minds. If we learn otherwise some day that will change things. But that is what we know now.
So where did humans get these rules commonly attributed to gods? There is only one place. Their collective experience. Every generation of humans has had to figure out, not only how to get food and shelter, but how to keep from stealing and killing each other. It's obvious some of the earliest humans, 200,000 to 300,000 years ago realized they needed teamwork to collect food and bring down large animals. If there were groups who did not figure this out they are long dead and forgotten.
For at least 95% of the time humans have existed, there was no Jewish or Christian god. It seems to me we can conclude God is not necessary for humans to do just fine.

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