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Reiki: What is it and Does it Work?


A simple Google search on reiki will tell you that it is a form of alternative medicine. This energy healing originated in Japan in the early 1920s. Images of cliche new age things might even pop into your mind after reading about reiki.

The general idea behind reiki is that the practitioner will use universal energy transferred from their palms to heal different energy fields in your body. Some reiki practitioners even use an assortment of crystals to aid with healing. It is believed that this form of energy therapy can help improve your emotional state.

Now that you have a better understanding of what reiki is, I will explain my first experience with energy healing and let you be the judge. I recently had a one hour reiki session with Kaiva Rose, a local practitioner. Full disclosure, I am open to crystals, energies, etc., so the idea of reiki is totally normal to me.

During my reiki session, Kaiva had calming music to help me relax into a meditative state. For Kaiva, the first half of the reiki session is spent honing in on your individual energy to allow her to continue with the rest of the session. About half way through reiki, she placed crystals on the different chakra points of my body.

As weird as it sounds, throughout the whole reiki session, I could feel the movement of energy around me. Wherever Kaiva was moving her hands above my body, I felt it. It's hard to describe exactly what it feels like and others I know that have a reiki session say the same thing.

Now each person has a different experience with reiki, but some things seem to be consistent with others I have spoken with. The whole session I saw shapes, ever changing and moving. I also kept seeing an indigo/deep blue color which Kaiva later explained the meaning to me. In addition to the repeating color, I kept seeing images pop into my mind unprompted.

If you are the least bit curious or like to try new things, I would definitely encourage you to seek out a local reiki practitioner to give it a try. You might be surprised by what happens and what you learn.

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