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Goodbye God in Iceland


A recent poll found that no Icelanders under 25 years of age believe that God created the universe. How could it be that a few generations ago most Icelanders believed such a thing but none do today? It seems almost impossible. Yet, Europe is headed in the same direction and, though it is hard to fathom, it could be also the case in the U.S. someday.
We all know each generation brings to the culture something new. Even we who are old remember how we saw the world differently than did our parents.

I was reminded of this again reading the current issue of AARP. It has a couple of great articles about Motown, the record and show business company that produced music that became famous around the world. All the performers and song writers were young black people who were from poor parts of Detroit.

Only a black promoter would develop the music and acts because white companies thought there was no market among white teenagers for this music. White teenagers, however, had little interest in the race of the music and made it a huge commercial success. The promoter started Motown with a borrowed $800 and sold it years later for $80 million.

Motown represented a change in our culture. No doubt today in Iceland there are many grandparents who believe as their parents did that God created the universe. But a cultural change has taken place and that view is not in the room among those under 25 years.

While we cannot predict the future with certainty, wise people prepare for the unexpected. That a god created the universe no longer flies in Iceland is something to ponder.

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