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Sunsets and Hotdish: A Recipe For Happiness


There must be something in the hotdish. Or maybe it’s the sunsets.

Whatever it is, the effect is clear. Fargo was named the sixth happiest city in the United States by the website WalletHub.

They don’t actually cite the hotdish or beautiful sunsets. But, we’re OK with that. They used three different dimensions to come up with their listing of the happiest cities in America:

  • Emotional and physical well-being
  • Income and employment
  • Community and environment

Fargo, with its low unemployment, scored especially well in the income and employment portion of the findings, ranking second in the nation overall behind our slightly happier friends in Bismarck (which has its own share of dramatic sunsets, of course). WalletHub says it looked at factors like commute time, the income-growth rate and job satisfaction to arrive at that conclusion and you can judge those stats for yourself, but we all know it’s probably the hotdish and the sunsets.

Bismarck scored second overall in the happiest city findings. Great job, Bismarck! Maybe send some hotdish our way and we’ll see how it compares to ours.

Among the other factors the website used to arrive at its conclusion are average leisure time, emotional health and rate of adequate sleep. Those and a few more are listed below, so maybe we’ll devise a grand plan to catch up to our happiness rivals in Bismarck ... or you could check out this evening’s sunset, have a bite of hotdish and just, you know, be happy.

This post is repurposed from Kris Hauge's article"Sunsets & Hotdish: A Recipe For Happiness". It appears in its original format in the 2018 Impact Magazine.

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