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Woman Prosecuted for Still-Born Birth


All women need to know that if they become pregnant and abortion is not legal, they are at risk of being prosecuted for murder if they suffer a miscarriage. Current anti abortion politicians deny this is a threat but prosecutions of pregnant women happen even now when abortion is legal.
One of my favorite organizations is a little know group that provided legal advocacy for pregnant women. Why would there need to be an organization to provide legal assistance to pregnant women you might ask? Because there are law enforcement officials who want to arrest them.
It is self evident that if abortion is murder law enforcement will be required to interview women who have miscarriages or still-born births. A missing "human being" will need to be found and identified. If there is no "body" women who have miscarriages will have to account for their crimes.
Lately there has been exposure of something long known among women's groups. There is not adequate care given women in child birth. Several have died needlessly because their condition was not properly monitored. The blame is put on over emphasis of efforts to save the baby.
Anti abortion politicians often say women should be adequately cared for. In many circumstances there are limited medical staff and resources. If care of the new born has a higher priority than care of the mother some mothers will die as a result.
Stories of women going to jail for still born births continue.

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