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Majority of Christians do Not Know "The Great Commission"


One part of the Christian faith is fascinated with learning words used in theology. It comes up with long new words constantly that are used in place of rather simple ideas.
One of these terms is "The Great Commission." So far as I know the term itself is not in the Bible but was invented by some pointy headed theologian in the 1800's. Now, it is supposed to be part of every Christian's language and purpose. But, it turns out most do not even know what it is.
The term can roughly be interpreted as "Go out and make converts" or "Go out and preach the religion." Christian pundits talk all the time about the need for Christians to go around persuading the disinterested in the faith. Many said the faith's problem today is that not enough members are doing this.
That the majority of Christians are not familiar with "The Great Commission" is no doubt a sign people in the pews are not interested in theological concepts. Preachers may talk about them but few tune in. The pundit I read said few preachers even talk about them any more.
I've always been curious as to what people in the pews soak up about sermons. I'm sure they pay attention to church rituals--that the preacher prays before he/she starts the sermon, when the collection plate is passed and what time the coffee is ready. I'd like to see an experiment where Lutherans, for example, attend church and every part of the service is like it always has been but the sermon comes from what is taught at a United Church of Christ or Unitarian office. How many, if any, would notice.

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