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Black Ex Preacher, "We're Being Lied To."


A former minister who left the faith and now show business star has an audience. He points out, correctly, that black people were brought here as slaves and were not Christians. Christianity was forced upon them by white slave owners. He does not think it possible that if there really is a God he would tolerate slavery. Yet, Christian slave owners used the Bible to justify both slavery and the segregation that followed. Thus, the entertainer's conclusion, "We're being lied to."

In a video that has gone viral he points out Christianity was used to keep slaves quiet and obedient. There never was a god watching over slaves and taking care of them.

The video comes at a moment when Indian people might be about to wonder some of the same things. Priests and preachers went about converting Native people to Christianity at a time when white people were pushing them off their land and destroying their societies. A few days ago some anti abortion teenagers in DC sponsored by religious groups were filmed taunting a Native American elder. Perhaps there will be some Native people will wonder just why they are Christians.

Catholics and evangelicals are aggressively working in jails and prisons. I've read several quotes from Wardens who like their presence. They say it keeps the prisoners calmed down and easier to handle.

This is the same excuse given for converting Indian and Black people.

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