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Test Tube DNA Will Challenge Anti Abortion Politics


There is a march in science toward creating man-made DNA and all the human attributes that go with it. Questions are now being raised about whether or not research to create human beings artificially should be allowed to continue.
Anti abortion politics has been thrown curves like this before. Human eggs are united with sperm cells in petri dishes now. The Catholic bureaucracy does not approve of this even though it brings happiness to childless couples. Only the most promising of the fertilized eggs are implanted into the woman and the others are, I assume, flushed down a stool.
One can assume the proportion of Catholic couples who give birth to babies that began in a petri dish is about the same as the general population. When religious concepts try to stand in the way of practical solutions to problems religious officials go quite silent rather than carry on a fight over the ridiculous.
It seems to me religious leaders would be taken more seriously if they would help provide practical solutions instead of preaching from a Medieval book. A rational person can see the happiness of a couple is more important than theological hair splitting.
On the issue of laboratory created human beings, there may be some practical reason not to allow such science. Anti abortion politics will not help us get to the right answer. Maybe there is no right answer.

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