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Maybe the Original Sin Should be Reassigned


We can all agree most Catholic priests are fine people and not guilty of sexual abuse. What Catholics must face, however, it that their church harbors executives who are dishonest .

There is an incredible story about the Argentine Bishop Zanchetta. The Pope worked with him in Argentina and they are considered friends.

Around 2015 Zanchetta sent nude pictures of himself and they began circulating world wide. He also was too friendly with young seminarians and some left because of him.  Three different officials say they made formal complaints to the Vatican about Zanchetta between 2015 and 2017.

Yet, in 2018, the Vatican claimed it was unaware of any complaints about Zanchetta. This might be a good time to repeat the Catholic hierarchy claims to have the sole authority handed down from Jesus to what the faith stands for. It condemns as sinners those who practice birth control, have abortions and gay sexual relationships. Handing the hierarchy this responsibility would make some sense if it conducted its affairs on a high moral plain.

Here is a good place to repeat the accomplishments of Arch Bishop of New York, Tim Dolan. When Dolan was Bishop of Milwaukee he tried to hide millions of dollars in a cemetery trust fund where it was not needed in order that those suing over sexual abuse would be unsuccessful. He was promoted to New York soon after that.

The Original Sin is assigned to Eve in the Bible. If it were reassigned today I have a suggestion to where it might fit.

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