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Judge Tosses Anti Abortion Law W/O a Hearing


Just because a fetus has a heartbeat a six weeks does not mean it is a "human being."
That was what an Iowa State Judge correctly ruled without holding a hearing. Last year the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Iowa women have a right under the Iowa Constitution to abortions. That is why the Judge found the "heartbeat" bill passed by the Iowa Legislature and signed by its Governor without enough merit to bother holding a hearing. It goes without saying court time cannot be used up with ridiculous matters while serious matters await.
The "heart beat" gambit is just another of the endless attempts by anti abortion zealots to claim a human life begins sometime before its birth. Under current U.S. law birth is the beginning. Some factions of Christianity, including Catholics, have in their dogma that a human life exists at the moment of conception. That is, one fertilized cell is a "human being."
After realizing the odd notion that one fertilized cell is a human being does not fly with most people, especially the Supreme Court, anti abortion zealots began test marketing other notions. They include the moment at which the fetus supposedly recognizes its mother's voice,  has fingers, feels pain, DNA and on and on. The latest is the heart beat gambit.
The ability to market these claims has been unsuccessful. The Iowa Supreme Court last year went out of its way to say in effect, "Quit bringing these odd ideas about when a human being's life begins to court without a solution addressing the rights of women. It is unconstitutional to deny women the health care they rightfully can obtain."
The U.S. Supreme Court seldom overrules issues involving State Constitutions.

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