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Trump Caught in a Climate Change Bear Trap


Trump and his appointees are not known for rational thinking. Rational thinking leads to conclusions they do not like. How they will escape cause and effect rational when it comes from within their own Administration is what all of us who enjoy political theater are waiting for.

The bad news from climate change is a steady drip that is not stopping. From within his own administration has come a scientific report concluding that man made carbon is an important force in climate change. Melting of ice and the consequences are showing up everyday. The Republican Party and Trump have a united front about what to do: Nothing.

In politics there is something called "the long view." Paraphrased, it is "We need to have a Plan B in case things turn against us."  President Trump does not have a long view. He assumes he can will people to do what he wants and everything will go his way.

He had a version of long view in business. If things cost more than he wanted to pay, he would stiff those to whom he owned money and would himself escape. Declaring bankruptcies was part of that strategy.

We saw in the "wall" event just passed that he had no backup strategy. When things went south he had to eat a loss.

He and Republicans need a long view on man made climate change. The science has not been refuted. Their position is not sustainable.

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