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Pushing the Same Emotional Buttons Does Not Work Forever


One thing consistent about politics, it's always changing. The same is true in religion.

For decades, Democrats compares the rich to the not rich. This led to support from labor and for redistribution of income. But, around the time of Reagan columnist George Will wrote that the computer gave young people the impression they themselves held the power to their economic status. Whatever lay ahead, they would master it with their newfound tool. Who wants taxes on the rich if they themselves will be rich?

In his inauguration speech, President Trump said that if you felt prosperity had gone to those other than yourself he would change that. He made this point across several states in counties that had been reliably Democratic. They switched to voting for him.  He keeps making this same point over and over. One has to wonder if it will push the same emotional buttons. New buttons were available for others in the recent election.

For a couple of centuries, Judaeo/Christianity has pushed the sin and death button. The message was you are a sinner. Hell awaits you. Only through this religion can get a pass from hell. About three dozen times since I have been writing this blog believers have told me of my inevitable future in hell.

Is the hell button still working for Christianity? Certainly, it does not seem to be working like it once did. I believe the computer is doing the same thing to Christianity it did to the Democrats decades ago.

Young people poking around on their phones and computers are finding new ways of thinking about things. Maybe wires to the hell button have been cut.

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