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Seven States Allow Abortion up to Birth


This past week the religious press was full of outrage over a law passed in the State of New York Legislature and signed by the Governor making abortion legal up to the time of birth. It was as if there was a requirement to express rage. 

All of this outrage was political posturing from writers who make a living by attracting readers. There were already six states that allowed abortions up to birth and there is even another about to do so, Rhode Island. The New York story was much to do about nothing.

I've read stories written by women who had abortions shortly before birth. In each case, the women had made the decision long before to give birth and were looking forward to the experience. Then serious complications arose that made this expensive and somewhat complicated procedure necessary. The complications were different each time.

Opponents of abortion always, I mean always, portray the sinful women who undergo late abortions as party-seeking people living life on a lark. None of the women who told their stories was such a person.

If there are eight states which allow abortions up to birth, the number of such abortions will be unaffected by chest beating anti abortion politicians who pass local laws against it. Women will travel to those states because there are serious medical issues involved. If such abortions are outlawed in all states they will travel to other countries.

It's time to grow up and face the fact that abortions are necessary, always have been, always will be.


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