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Abortion Rights Moves Against a Weakened Catholic Church


Conservative Catholic, Ross Douthat, (New York Times) sees the move in New York State that made abortions legal up until birth as a signal the influence of the Catholic Church in heavily Catholic New York is on the wane. Arch Bishop Tim Doland tried to criticize Governor Como but it flopped. Others have said Governor Como should be excommunicated. He more or less laughed.

I have discussed before that falling numbers will weaken the Christian clout against gays and abortion. Others have said that, no, the numbers are still too big. Politicians will be forced to knuckle under.

This does not seem to be the case. Instead, corruption, cultural change and divisions in the faith have delivered right wing Christianity into the hands of its enemies.

I can recall the period when President Clinton was having an affair with his staff member, Monica. Former politician and now radio host, Bill Bennett complained to the President, "Mr. President, we're trying to raise kids out here." The point being, of course, that the President's behavior set a bad moral example for young people.

Now, the tables have turned. Pedophile priests and a philandering President have made it all but impossible for making the case conservative politics and politicians are on the moral high ground. This is spilling over to the argument about abortion. In morals, the issue itself is important but who makes the argument plays a role in the outcome.

Conservative Catholics can reverse the tide. They can demand clergy report to lay members instead of the other way around. Plus, they can demand female clergy. Without these more abortion is coming.


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