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Things Atheists Hear from Christians


There are a few other skeptics who, like me, write blogs that engage Christian people. I think most blogs by atheists are aimed at other atheists. Writing blogs that many Christians read is more interesting to me.

Recently, an atheist with a large and hostile Christian audience listed the common reactions. Her experience is a little different than mine. Mine have followed a pattern that fits the area where the blogs appear.

If you don't believe in God, why do you write about him so much. I think it is necessary to write about God because religion pushes its way into so much of our lives. If I never heard of people who believe in God it would never occur to me to write about it.

Quit bashing religious people. I do point out flaws in religious thinking. This is important because the faith so often portrays itself as the ultimate in moral values and wisdom. Critical examination of the faith's tenets shows this is a questionable assumption to say the least.

You atheists should read the Bible. We do read the Bible. The problem is we read parts of it that many Christians would rather ignore.

You treat all branches of Christianity with a broad brush. Only one branch of it is correct, mine. Why don't you exclude my branch from your criticism. It is true I make generalizations about the faith and they do not apply to all branches all the time. There is almost an endless list of branches and more come along regularly. My criticism is directed mostly to conservative branches, though it is not easy to state clearly what the term "conservative" means. It also is difficult for me to define "evangelical" and "fundamentalist."  So, I use definitions of the faith I believe are used by the general public.

All this said, I expect to be criticized. Mostly, exchanging views about religion is an engaging hobby.


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