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What Does God REALLY Think About Abortion


The God I refer to here is the one Jews and Christians worship. I must include the disclaimer that I, myself, have doubts this god or any other one exists or ever existed.

Often those who comment here have said, "God hates abortion." The Heidi Group in Texas claims, "God loves the unborn."

If the Bible was God inspired or God-breathed then the Bible remains God's view on things. To determine God's view on abortion we should read the God-breathed writing.

All through the Old Testament, 18 times, God performed abortions. He not only performed them but relished and enjoyed doing them.

I'll mention just a few. "I will murder unborn children in their mothers' wombs, as well as living children, for Israel's sinful deeds and wickedness. (Hos. 9:10-16) "I will rip open pregnant mothers-to-be and dash the unborn to the ground for Smaria's sin of worshipping other gods." (Hos. 13:16)

"I massacred all people living in the cities ruled by 33 kings...including pregnant mother-to-be and their unborn." (Josh. 10, 11, 12) "I declare that unborn children are property, not living persons." (Ex. 21:22-25) "I authorize leaders of my people to rip open pregnant mothers to be." (2 Kings 15:16)

"I will murder the unborn, infants and living children of sinful Babylon" (Isa. 13:15-19)

I've heard all the passages anti abortion zealots use to claim God does not approve abortion. The ancient writers claimed God both disapproved and approved abortion.

The sweeping generalization "God hates abortion" is not accurate.

Freethought Today, Jan-Feb 2019

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