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New Discoveries About the Mayans


I've always been fascinated with the native peoples of Central and South America. Their knowledge and technology are becoming more apparent. Yet, in North America we seem to know more about the Middle East and the Bible than about the people that lived on our own continents.
The Mayans, Incas and Aztecs has vast knowledge and skills. Some of them employed full time star gazers who plotted movements of stars and planets. They organized their societies to build complicated and quite massive infrastructure. Their written language and mathematics was on a par with that from other parts of the world before the beginning of the common era.
These societies did not have metal. There did not seem to be a need for it so the experimentation that happened elsewhere did not happen in the Americas.
But, luck was not on the side of America's native peoples. Their written documents were either mostly destroyed or did not survive the damp climates. The dry Middle East was luckier with its written documents. Thus, today we read the Bible instead of religious documents generated in the American continents.
The natives of our continents were not warriors like the peoples of the Middle East or Europe. Those people focused on war and sea going adventure. They conquered these continents and that is why many who read this are Christians today. 

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