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Did God Really Make Only Males and Females


This has been seen before, but making the rounds on the net today is a picture of a bird in someone's backyard, a Cardinal, which has both male and female plumage. How could this be when the Bible says God created only males and females?

A bit different is the topic of homosexuality in nature, that is in animals. Over 450 different species have been observed in homosexual behavior.

So, we would have to conclude that if there is a God, it would have created not just male and female but other varieties of gender as well. The Bible would be flat out wrong.

I know this will not detour some believers. They are sure both both God and the book he guided or wrote by guiding the hands of ancient writers could not possibly be wrong on this issue. This issue is very important to those who do not like homosexuals.

Plenty of Christians continue to believe what those during slavery and segregation believed. This is that God put different races on different continents because he did not want interracial marriage. Keeping them separated was carrying out God's plan for humans.

The idea some god did not want interracial marriage is no more ridiculous that the current idea that homosexuality is an affront to that god.

The trick of justifying prejudice against a group or justifying control of others by using God or the Bible is as old as the Bible itself. One can see that when the ancient writers wanted emphasize some point they would put it in the mouth of Jesus. They were free to do that because no writer of the Bible claimed to be present when Jesus spoke or claimed to be reading from notes of anyone who was present.

Best to get over dislike of homosexual and transgendered people.

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