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Just a couple of old Lutheran Lady Wannabes


If this little journalism career of mine doesn't work out, I think I'd like to be a food historian. I love learning about the ways people throughout history ate. How they used the foods from their environments to cook foods that seem foreign to many of us. In fact, a couple of summers ago at George Washington's home, Mount Vernon, my family nearly had to drag me out of the outdoor kitchens where they were demonstrating how George and Martha ate. Fascinating.

That's why I was excited when my friend and former co-worker Tammy Swift, who now works at Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, told me they recently discovered a 100 year old Lutheran Ladies Aid cookbook in their archives. To celebrate their anniversary, LSS and First Lutheran Church of Fargo reproduced the books and is selling them to raise money for their mission.

While the recipes are really fun, the best part is the peek into the past. How the recipe writers were always referred to as Mrs. "husband's name," and how these intuitive cooks sometimes gave very few details about oven temperatures and times. You know, the things most of us need to know so we don't burn down our kitchen.

Tammy and I decided to channel our inner Lutheran Lady and try to make these recipes from 1919 or so. Because Tammy and I both like to bake, it shouldn't surprise you to know that our menu included one main dish (meatloaf) and 3 desserts (2 cakes and 1 pie). What can we say?

Tune into our video and full story on inforum, Thursday, March 7. We had a blast going through the cookbook.

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