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Archbishop: Remarried Couples Must Abstain from Sex


Just when you think sin is at its funniest, someone comes up with an even better one. We know the Catholic church will not allow those remarried without cancellation, called annulment, to be members in good standing.
The Archbishop of Philadelphia expressed his new "liberal" policy that gay people can live together--it's ok as long as there is no sex. Now, he has extended that peculiar reasoning to heterosexual couples marrying new partners after a divorce. They can marry but no sex. It's almost as if the Archbishop is doing religious parody.
The Pope should order Bishops to no longer express Catholic views that the rest of society finds bizarre. He could explain that even though this is church doctrine, there is no good reason to bring it to the attention of the public.
The strange practice of marriage annulment needs to be put under wraps also. Maybe a "Certificate of  Annulment" could be slipped into a file without anyone outside the clergy knowing about it.
The church's rule against artificial birth control in another humorous one. Almost no Catholics follow the church's teaching and use modern birth control techniques. Approved is "natural birth control."
What I would suggest is that the church redefine "natural". The new meaning is that couples naturally are inclined to limit the number of children to match their income. So long as they are doing something natural they are not committing a sin.
These suggestions are offered with the hope the Catholic church may eventually be seen as a group with kind and sensitive values.

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