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Birth Rate of Hispanics is Plummeting


So many characteristics of our society are caused ultimately by demographics. These include politics, religion and wealth. Various church groups from Catholic to Pentecostal now depend on a high birth rate among Hispanics for maintaining numbers. The Democratic Party also needs them.
But, the number of births per 1,000 women has dropped almost overnight. Women are delaying marriage and children just as their white counterparts have done the last few decades.
In the article about this, young Hispanic women were asked about their plans for marriage and children. They said they wanted to wait until their 30's so they could first get their careers established. Their parents encouraged them is such planning saying they wanted a better life for their daughters than they themselves have had.
It has been said by those who don't like Muslim people that the number of children of parents in that faith are much larger. This is an indication that religion will one day dominate other religions in the U.S. like Christianity. My guess is that young women in that faith will in time make the same decision as Hispanic and white women are making today. The numbers of babies will drop.
When unmarried Catholic clergy promote "natural birth control" and advocate large families they are doing so without taking on any of the responsibility themselves. The $200,000 or so it takes to raise a child today does not appear as the result of praying.
Hispanic women are learning what white women learned back a few years. The more conservatives cut back government support of children the fewer children they can afford to raise.

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