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To Be a God, It Must Know Something We Do Not


This is just my own theory. You may have a different one.
I've been reading about discovery of a Mayan cave in the Yucatan. In it are 1,000 year old items that are perfectly preserved. By the art on the plates and tools it is thought to have been a site where the Mayans worshiped the Jaguar God.
Gods who lived in animals was depicted many times in cave art dated to 40,000 years ago. Some North American native beliefs include spiritual worship of animals. It makes sense that if animals were both dangerous and were needed for food they might be the center of thought and imagination.
From cave it appears early humans believed animals held secrets. In addition, women held secret powers which resulted in babies. Some cave drawing are creatures half animal and half woman, versions of mermaids.
I watched a documentary some years ago in which an native of Alaska explained the spirits contained in the animals such as seals that they ate. The seals needed spiritual powers to reproduce and provided food the next year.
We can all appreciate how mysterious the stars and planets would look to early people. It must have been believed that something or someone somewhere knew what was happening in the sky and why it was happening.
The billions of people who still believe there are gods that know more than they do keep religion alive and those who believe a littler poorer.

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