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Court Rules Health Insurance Must Pay for Trans Surgery


The State of Iowa's Supreme Court told the State's health insurance group it must pay for transgender surgeries. The State of Iowa falsely claimed it did not cover surgeries done for psychological needs.
On the face of it, the decision by Iowa's Health insurance group looks more political and religious than it does fiscal. While a transgender surgery is quite expensive, there are very few of them.
In addition, the state's surgery guidelines specifically mentioned it prohibition of trans gender surgery. Judges said this itself was an act of discrimination.
One of the groups petitioning the court to not approve of trans gender surgery was an Iowa religious group. It said State Government should not pay for this surgery because the Bible said God created man and woman. To consider otherwise is a sin.
Having been involved with the politics of this issue for decades, I will admit it is complicated. It is hard to understand why a child who is born with the physical attributes of one gender feels from day one he/she is the opposite gender. But, there is no denying it happens. The time to simply accept this addition to the wide variety of humans is here so lets just do it and move on.

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