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Should Universities Teach There is a God


An article a while back questioned use of tax or donor dollars at universities to teach about one particular god. Where would this topic come up?
While individual professors in many disciplines may mention their religious beliefs or lack of them, a department of religious studies is where we would most likely find exposure to professors' beliefs or lack of same. Here is where an irony come up.
Over and over one can read about how universities are packed with godless liberal professors. But in departments of religion the majority professors believe in the existence of the Christian god. The one atheist professor I know published a paper a few years ago outlining how unusual he is in such a department.
Professors who are believers stand a good chance to profit from their beliefs. There are several wealthy individuals and groups who fund various chairs and studies. They are usually believers who are looking to validate something they are interested in. Professors known to be believers are good candidates to receive this kind of grant money.
One of the on going missions of departments of philosophy, behavior science and the liberal arts has been since day one to confront and sort out which things people believe are valid and which are myth. If the Christian god is a myth, it seems peculiar there are professors teaching that it is not a myth.

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