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Abortions are Free in Catholic Ireland


How much can male politicians and clergy manage the lives of women? Only so far we have learned in Ireland. Women voters were prominent in a nation-wide vote to legalize abortion in that country which has a history Catholic clergy dominating its politics. The margin to legalize surprised even advocates.
Now the rules for providing abortions are being written by the government which provides the services. The first question is how much women will be charged. An abortion is free. Women will have to pay the same share of medicines as is required for other purposes.
Ireland is perhaps to most stunning turnaround of abortion rights since Roe v Wade in the U.S. Yet, religious people in positions of authority are trying to block what voters approved at every turn. Already there have been efforts to exempt doctors of certain religious persuasions from being required to perform abortions. Various bureaucratic maneuvers have been attempted at every turn.
Catholic clergy have repeated over and over that abortion is a sin. It is as if voters who legalized it by a large majority did not know it is considered sin the faith's clergy. They knew this but voted to make it legal nevertheless.
Technology and the awareness of women's rights by women keep moving forward while Catholic and right wing Protestants keep standing in one place.

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