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There are Lots of Gay Priests. What Will Become of Them


According to the NY Times, gay priests fear a purge. They fear because it might promote the unfounded myth that gay priests are the child abusing priests. This has been thoroughly debunked.
The real problem in the priest community, many believe, is the lofty pedestal clergy placed themselves on. Apparently, the independent and powerful aspects of Catholic clergy did not arrive in the church until a few hundred years ago. Before that time, lay people held power over the direction of the denomination.
Now, clergy tell lay people that it is they who have a back channel to Jesus and are the only ones authorized to interpret what the faith stands for. This was a clever move by clergy way back when and has rewarded them with extraordinary powers.
Back then there was no need to know there were gay priests or that gay people would be accepted by societies around the world. Catholic clergy were very naive when they came up with rules like divorced people cannot marry again without annulments or the homosexuality is a sin. By not thinking through where this could eventually take the church it is now in a pickle.
Gay Catholic clergy themselves believe the percentage of clergy who are gay is much larger than that of the general population. If this is true a purge of gay priests would leave such a hole in staffing it could not be filled. It would leave those several thousand gay priests without a way to make a living since they have devoted their careers to that narrow kind of work, have little money and will be outed.
If Catholic clergy made up the rules that they and only they have the back channel to Jesus they can change it. Now would be a good time.

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