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A New Picture Bible


A new Bible aimed at the digital age is selling well. It is made for speed reading and heavily enhanced with pictures. When you think about the role of pictures in today's internet communications a Bible which tells the story heavily laced with pictures makes sense. This may be the future of Christianity.
I have not seen the product but from what I read the pictures are not of a god or a king but are mood pictures, pictures that create an emotional backdrop for the story.
It's interesting to think of how different the Bible is from the world of Tweets. Tweets are but a few pithy words. Other social media are almost no words at all but just pictures. The Bible, of course, is a slow moving book translated from other languages and written by ancient authors. Making the Bible into a Tweet vehicle or something resembling social media pictures is on its way.
If the Bible becomes fewer words and more pictures will it be honest to say, "I read the Bible."
I would say this new way of communicating the Bible to the public is a good thing. It does fly in the face of the often repeated statement, "The faith never changes." New versions of the Bible come out every year. I would expect that to go on forever.

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