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Atheists May Have a Higher Moral Code than Christians


To some Christians, we are here on earth only temporarily. The real point of living is to die and reap a big reward for a brief life. There is no responsibility to preserve the earth for a far off in time future.
This is why it is so dishonest of Christians like Ray Comfort to accuse atheists of having no moral standard. In fact, he says, this absence of a moral standard is why atheism is growing and Christianity is not. Being free from any moral constraints, Comfort believes, makes atheism more attractive than Christianity.
To me, it seems Christianity opens the door to no responsibility. Since the world is here only until the return of Jesus there is no need to act responsibly. The Christian idea is to party one's life away and take no responsibility for tomorrow because there is no tomorrow.
Mr. Comfort carries on a long tradition of moral superiority. Some of those like him in the faith have their noses so far in the air you cannot see them from here.
When the earliest Christian manufactured this idea of a life in luxury after death, they rightfully thought it would be a great marketing concept. By keeping the promise in the hands of those too dead to refute it they would be awash in converts.
What they did not anticipate was that major parts of Christianity would feel so superior it could engage in sexual abuse. Whatever superior moral grounding the faith ever had has long since evaporated.


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