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Anti Abortion has Run Out of Options


One of the reasons anti abortion advocates are trying to pass "heartbeat" bills is because they have run out of silly restrictions to make abortions more difficult. They need to keep legislation coming to keep their cash flow solid. Now there is only one choice left, eliminate abortions entirely. That is what the "heartbeat" bills do.
Heartbeat legislation makesĀ abortion not legal. It's as simple as that. Roe v Wade made abortion legal. This is an effort to make it not legal.
Anti abortion operatives have tried everything else. They have persuaded legislators to pass bills requiring women to view the fetus on a screen, required waiting periods, required doctors to have emergency arrangements, required women know of other options, held state wide votes and forced women to hear anti abortion propaganda. All of these ridiculous measures did not move the needle against abortion. Now they have no options left but to overturn Roe. They are going for broke.
We all know of the two opposing forces. One is the appointment of judges who are believed to be anti abortion. They other is an awakening among women to stop the harassment of themselves and their sisters. Which will ultimately prevail?
I recall a movie starring Frank Sinatra. He played a gangster. At one point angry mobs were coming toward the gangsters' headquarters and Sinatra's character said, "This is terrible. We can handle the cops, judges and politicians. But, (pointing at the people coming toward them) we can't handle them."
When women learn this is not just about abortion but about government monitoring of women during their entire pregnancy the right to abortion will remain.

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