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A Preacher Wants "Cultural Christians" to be Banned


A  Florida preacher has written a book about what he considers a plague on the Christian church. It is people who attend church, claim Christianity as their faith but are neither impressed nor interested in what is called "The Gospel." He wants church members questioned. If they give the wrong answers they need to leave the church.
There are so many versions of experts on what is the true faith. Every new one that comes along is branded as not authentic. Every old one is criticized be every other old one.
I would guess that nearly all churches have many people sitting in the pews saying to themselves, "Jesus says only through me. What an egotist. And, Jesus was dead and came back to life? I doubt that." When asked by the preacher or a pollster, that person knows the right answer is not the one he holds secretly in his head.
The preacher mentioned above told an interviewer he has judged some church members to not be of the faith. Then he talked to them and found he was mistaken. Could it be church members know the drill and the preacher heard what he wanted to hear.
The dozens of times major denominations have separated from each other each faction thought the other was a not pure version of the faith. To remain pure, it was necessary to leave or allow the other group to leave. 
So, all the best to the preacher who wants a denomination of only the purest Christians. All the best as well to the various new branches of  Protestants who left the original version because of purity. The same to various Methodists who seem on the verge of splitting up.
Some of us sit in the bleachers and watch with amusement the battle from afar.

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