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Trump Forgot he is Anti Abortion


Trump has been widely quoted as saying we need to keep out those from other countries because, "..our country is full." This is exactly the opposite position of anti abortion crusaders. They claim we need more babies. Taking two positions completely at odds with one another is not unusual.
Anti abortion politics tells us we need more young people to fill labor positions and support the elderly. This argument is made sometimes by the very people Trump hates, those advocating for more immigrants. It is true our population is aging. This means fewer young people to support but more older people who are past their working years.
Trump is too much of an intellectual lightweight to understand age demographics. What he understands is how to split constituencies to make them fight among themselves. That is what he is doing here.
People who migrated here a least a few years ago, legally or illegally, do not like new immigrants. New people will work for less and could take their jobs. Trump got about 20%  of the Hispanic and Black vote last time and sees an opportunity to do better by claiming to keep out those who compete for the lowest paying jobs in the economy.
The "wall" is all about that. He knows also that anti abortion voters have no where else to turn so he is safe turning against one of their arguments.
If it were possible to leave the politics of border crossing and world trade aside, we would recognize both benefit the U.S. In Mexico there are about one million U.S. expatriates more or less permanently. They are happy there, immigrants into the U.S. are happy here.
Claiming our country is "full" is a statement for more abortions and government advising us to have fewer children.

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