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The Worst Ideas Religion Has Promoted


Terrible ideas religion has promoted were supplied by the cultures gave rise to these religions. Thus, it is not altogether fair to blame them on religion. The roll of religion was to give these terrible ideas legitimacy.  Several religions have terrible ideas. I'll list just a few of these bad ideas.
Chosen People. So far as I know, every culture thinks it is special. The religion cultures produce reinforces the false notion people there are more important than people elsewhere. The "chosen people" concept is present in groups we call cults. Calling popular religions cults makes enemies. The similarities cannot be denied.
Heretics. This is a label for religions different from our own as well as those who have no religion. Heretics need to be converted or brought into proper alignment by military conquest. I think all the major religions have used force to bring heretics into the true faith.
Blasphemy  This means some ideas, religious or related to religion, simply cannot be expressed. They are off limits. Nothing good can come from use of blasphemy.
Glorified Suffering.  Animal sacrifice is common in religions. The thought of killing animals to appease a god is among the most ridiculous of human ideas. Then there is the notion that humans who are suffering are doing something noble.
Eternal Life. Christianity, in particular, uses this notion to market itself. It plays on humans' fears.
Hell https://www.salon.com/2015/01/24/the_12_worst_ideas_religion_has_unleashed_on_the_world_partner/ all know this is part of the eternal life schtick. The Christian faith would do well to leave this idea in the dust bin of history. 
These are a few of the bad ideas religions have fostered.

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