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This Week in History: A Prominent Christian Endorsed Racial Segregation


I'm an old guy, so 1960 seems like a year not too long ago. It was that year Bob Jones, founder of the now famous Bob Jones University gave a speech that explained why God wanted the races separate. He said God does not want interracial marriage.
The reason he gave in that speech was that God had different people in different locations on the planet earth. He put different races on different continents. If he had wanted to mix the races he would have done that when he populated the world. He did not. Obviously he wanted to keep the races from intermarrying and from polluting the races. 
That is why it was imperative to have five year old child go to segregated schools. God wanted schools to be segregated as well as hotels, swimming pools and drinking fountains. For whatever reason, most Christians today have forgotten that racial segregation had it roots in the Christian religion.
Racial segregation and, to a large extent, racial discrimination are in our past. The races are not yet equal in opportunities but progress is being made.
The same is not true for gay people. Some religious people want the right to discriminate against gay people in employment, housing and other areas of life. Just as they claimed mixed marriages were a sin they now claim homosexual sex is a sin.
That religion is being used to justify discrimination in the case of gays is identical to use of religion to discriminate against black is obvious. The time to look in the mirror is now.

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