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We Dare You


Fargo-Moorhead is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States, so I guess the word is getting out - this is a dynamic place to live. At the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corp., we help facilitate job creation. From an economic development standpoint, our companies need a robust and capable workforce to grow and expand. Much of the time, our biggest recruiting challenge is simply to get people to take a look. Once they do, they’re hooked on Fargo-Moorhead. So, what attracts people to Fargo-Moorhead?


We have a lot of great jobs – and we’re not just talking farming. We are home to the third-largest Microsoft campus in the U.S., John Deere Electronic Solutions, Case New Holland and Bobcat, along with many other tech industry leaders. We are home to a diverse sector of companies including agriculture, manufacturing, finance, health care and education. Our community has a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, so if you have a startup in mind, there’s no shortage of resources to get you going in the right direction.


Fargo-Moorhead has three higher education institutions plus tech schools, and additional opportunities for professional development and continuing education. The institutions infuse close to 30,000 college students into the metro, creating a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. This lively college atmosphere generates plenty to keep you busy on the weekends with sporting teams that are worth watching. If you don’t believe me, ask the crew at ESPN’s GameDay who have been here three times to cover the North Dakota State Bison football team.


From downtown lofts to quiet streets to farms, there are many attractive and affordable options to buy or rent. Build a new house or buy a character home in one of our older, established neighborhoods. There is a house for every preference and every budget.


Many folks who move here say this is the perfect community. There is plenty to do that rivals the options of bigger cities, like sporting events and the arts, but we’ve kept the small-town, community feel. And traffic? That’s one thing we don’t have too much of here. We don’t have long commutes, either – you can get anywhere in 15-20 minutes.


Our proximity to Minnesota lakes country is another benefit worth mentioning. Lakes country begins about 40 minutes outside of Fargo-Moorhead and it doesn’t end there. Take your pick from hundreds of freshwater lakes for fishing, swimming, skiing or just relaxing by a campfire. It also means Fargo-Moorhead restaurants have shorter waits during summertime Saturday nights.


There are numerous food options in Fargo-Moorhead. No matter what your tastes – fast food, ethnic or fine dining – you’ll find a tasty option (or three). So, beyond the great jobs, affordable homes, friendly people and many activities Fargo-Moorhead has to offer, you also might want to consider increased safety, top-rated K-12 education, state-of-the-art health care and a growing economy. There is opportunity, support and community here. There’s more to do than hours in a day. There’s swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter. You can get to Minneapolis or Winnipeg in about four hours, and the rest of the world via our international airport. We are proud of our community, our heritage and the direction we’re headed. You’ll find a community that dares to dream, rolls up its sleeves and gets to work and helps its neighbors. Move here. We dare you. You may never want to leave.

This post is re-purposed from Jim Gartin's article"We Dare You". It appears in its original format in the 2017 Impact Magazine which is available for viewing here.

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