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A New Chapter of Religion in Politics is Being Written


As a new candidate for President, Barack Obama, dipped his toe in religion. He had criticized other Democrats for not bringing up the topic. He tried bringing it up by making a positive statement about his religious beliefs.
That was a mistake. He soon learned the right wing scoffed at his church, his pastor and any references he made to religion. "Obama's church is not Christian'" they crowed. He did not know how to handle it.
I read eight of the many people running to become the Democratic nominee have proclaimed themselves to be religious. I was impressed by the way one, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, handled the topic.
And, there are countless ways to expand on the theme of what "my religion is not." It also is not, Christian candidates could say, a religion that endorses sexual infidelity or insults of the handicapped or people of other races. It may not be necessary at all to say much about the candidates own religion except it is not the kind of religion currently preached by the Republican Party.
The peculiar thing about Republicans is that many claim God told them to run for President and/or endorsed President Trump to be President. A smart reporter would ask any of the Democratic candidates who claim to be religious if they heard from God he/she should be President.
If I were a religious person I would be praying no candidate from the Democratic Party would answer yes to that question.

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