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Demographics: More People Over 65 Than Under Five


This new demographic will change everything in the economies of the world. There are now more people over 65 than there are less the five.
When this is discussed, especially by anti abortion operatives, Japan is pointed to as an example of what might be in store for other countries like the U.S. because of its large percentage of retired citizens. That may well be.
The birthrate world wide is now low enough so that in a few decades total world population will began to drop. Until then it will continue to grow. To me, the world's population is now so high it is difficult to imagine an additional few percentages of growth. Any rational assessment of the effect of humans on the earths health can see we now have too many humans.
All of these issues have come to the fore in Japan. It is not experiencing economic growth as measured by Net National Product. It is not cranking out new products and technology as it once did.
There is no reason to believe per capita economic growth is the most important goal for a society. To most of us the goal is to be as happy as our lives allow us to be. For nearly all of human history, until quite recently, there was little or no per captia income growth.
It seems to me the problems of no population growth are smaller than those of growth.

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