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Abortion Rights Language is Improving


In politics and religion, language and imagery is what it's all about. And, it is not language about abstract and complicated issues. Instead, it's about the kind of language used by those who write billboards.
On long automobile trips, I entertain myself passing judgment on the effectiveness of billboards. When speeding along the highway, one can only glance at a billboard. Effective billboards, then, have less than about five small words and maybe a picture or drawing. These two must combine in a way that  allows the message to be understood after just a glance.
In Missouri there are several billboards with "Home of Throwd Rolls" and a picture of pastry flying though space. I had to find that place. Yes, they throw rolls to you.
In abortion, opponents have forever shown pictures of babies several months old and equated them with fetuses. This simple message on billboards and other places has worked for them.
The abortion rights people have not been as skillful. Their tendency has been to talk of "a woman's right to choose." There is no photography that communicates this idea. There is no emotion in the message.
Instead, abortion rights' message should be, "MOTHERS WILL GO TO JAIL." This should be displayed with a young woman behind bars. This message is accurate because there can be no doubt woman will be charged with murder after abortions are prohibited.

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